Samuli Jomppanen (1984) hails originally from the small town of Lemmenjoki in northern Finland near Inari. He is currently situated in Rovaniemi. He could be described as a technically oriented artist. He loves not only to design mechanical things but does not fear to delve into more organic shapes. He has substantial experience in mechanical design thinking because of his background in CAD/CAM and IT.

Samuli loves to do digital art. The themes often revolve around dark mergings of organic and inorganic much inspired by artists like H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. Of course the interest in such dark imagery has a profound effect on all the design work done by Samuli as it helps him to create strong themes. Samuli has been doing digital graphics since early -90:s. First at 8bit pixel art, but later on moved to 3D-modeling and digital painting.

Samul has had a mixed career. After working in IT-support he managed to obtain some freelancer 3D-work for advertising companies. However work opportunities were slim in the northern Finland so he had to obtain another profession. He had interest in metalworking so he studied to be a machinist. After his studies the school Lapland education center hired him to work in the machine shop doing CNC machining and assisting the teachers. It was during this time he obtained a good grasp of CAD/CAM skills. During his time working at the school he ran into projects from University of Lapland, which piqued his interest to the world of Industrial design.

He applied to University of Lapland to study Industrial design, and graduated with Bachelor of arts in 2020 with a thesis about using Procedural content generation in virtual environments. During his studies he took part in many advanced design courses that focused on product design.

Around the time he was finishing his bachelor's degree, he had also developed interest in real time 3D-graphics and game design. He found out about the opportunity to work on a game project at Lapland university of applied sciences. There he is working currently as project designer at Lapland UAS Frostbit software laboratory. There his work mainly involves working with game assets such as 3D-models. Meanwhile he is still continuing his Masters degree studies at University of Lapland and pans for gold in the wilds of Lapland.

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