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As i was born in Inari, Finland and lived my childhood in Lemmenjoki it was only natural for me to get to known with the rich gold prospecting history of Lemmenjoki and Lapland. My mother took me to the gold panning areas trekking as a child every summer ever since i could walk. That would be the end part of -80s i believe. During -90s i went all over the place while panning for gold. Met some of the legendary old timers also and got some tips and advice from them. I was also a henchman on few of the claims. Eventually i wanted my own claim ofcourse and that finally happened in 2002 when i bought claim at Kaarreoja. We named it Hämylä

Fast forward to year 2018. I was studying for Industrial design (Master of Arts) at Lapland University. While there i realized i would need to get rid of my public speaking anxiety, if i would ever want to work as designer. I decided to start filming a VLOG of sorts to get rid of my fear for speaking publicly. While i was at it, i decided to brush up my english pronounciation also. Thus my first youtube video was born.

Since then i've published over 100 videos and had hundreds of subscribers but i am far from a serious youtube content creator. It is still a method of self exploring and self improvement. Also i love sharing my gold prospecting adventures for everyone to see, so do please consider subscribing!

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